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Global Resources

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Useful Links

BBC Student News

A resource for ideas on some global issues.   Students should explore this site for resources or idea for lesson plans that they may wish to use to promote their campaigns


Change the World Challenge

Look here for some of the project ideas and resources that we can use now.  Entries are closed for the September challenge, but have a look and see if you would be interested for the next time.


Climate Change


Conservation International

Conservation International (CI) works to ensure a healthy and productive planet for us all.  Visit their website to see ways of getting involved.


Earthwatch Institute

Earthwatch Institute is an international non-profit organization that brings science to life for people concerned about the Earth's future. Today, Earthwatch collects field data in the areas of rainforest ecology, wildlife conservation, marine science, archaeology, and more.


Earth's Global Issues Network

Resources, conferences and discussions about Global Issues.



Go Global Online 2008: Resources on Educating the Children of the World, with articles and ideas.


Fair Trade and Trade Justice


Global Connections

Global Connections encourages school leaders worldwide to develop global consciousness and to promote international cooperation in their schools.


Global Dimension

The Global Dimension website has a helpful guide to books, films, posters and websites with a global dimension. From climate change to poverty, water to fair trade, you can find resources for all age groups and subjects.  Look at the Top Ten link.


Global Footprint

The Schools' Global Footprint resource helps pupils to understand the environmental effect individuals and schools have on the planet and how to reduce this impact. It includes background information and gives links to learners and teachers sections.


Global Footprint Network

Humanity consumes more than the earth can produce.  It takes the Earth one year and three months to regenerate what we use in a year.  Global Footprint Network is working to reverse this trend.  Find out more.


Guardian Newspaper Environment Page

Environment Photo Galleries



Water, Drought, Flooding

Computer Waste

Click here for more environment slide shows from the Guardian


IB Community Theme Website

The theme, which will last three years, is intended to serve as a focus for the IB and IB World Schools. They aim to capture the excellent initiatives that are already underway in many schools and encourage and inspire new activities, in and out of the classroom, around the following topics:

  • Global poverty
  • Education for all
  • Peace and conflict
  • Global infectious diseases
  • Digital divide: uneven access to information and communication technologies
  • Disasters and emergencies



International and Sustainable Development links from the International Development Education Association of Scotland



More general links from the International Development Education Association of Scotland


Millennium Goals


Online Ethics - Academy of Engineering

This is more relevant for a higher level of research and is not project based, but is a good resource for information and essays and articles.


Operation Smile

Most of you know about this - an incredibly worthwhile charity



Oxfam Education offers a huge range of ideas, resources and support for developing the global dimension in the classroom and the whole school. All of the resources here support Education for Global Citizenship – education that helps pupils understand their world and make a positive difference init.


Roots and Shoots

The Roots & Shoots program (inspired and developed by Jane Goodall) is about making positive change happen—for our communities, for animals and for the environment. With tens of thousands of youngpeople in almost 100 countries, the Roots & Shoots network branches out across the globe, connecting youth of all ages who share a common desire to help make our world a better place. Participate in special events and global campaigns.



Rafi.ki is an online learning community using simple technology to build successful school partnerships, transforming pupils into global citizens.  We can connect to other schools through this website safely. 

We are a member of this site - user: britanica password: abcdef


Sustainable Development

Learning and Teaching - Scotland


Support Learning for Sustainability



Think Green projects

Lots of lesson plans, worksheets and resources for all age groups - all about Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Recovering resources.



This website offers Projects where a CAS student could help 3-6 younger students to work on. If interested see Mrs Garcia. The Thinkquesta are investigations covering topics such as .....

  • How can humans and animals live together harmoniously?
  • How do you imagine the school of the future?
  • How can we provide access to safe drinking water for everyone in our world?
  • How can we take better care of our world and its resources?
  • How can we end hunger in our world?
  • What beliefs do people have in different parts of the world?
  • What role does art or music play in our lives?
  • What can we learn from the world of sports?
  • What lessons have you learned from a favorite book or film?
  • What lessons have you learned from history?
  • What kind of business would you start to serve your local community?
  • What can you do to lead a healthy life?
  • What is life like for people in your local community?
  • What makes a good world citizen?
  • What leader do you most admire, and why?
  • How would you introduce a tourist to your home town (or country)?


20 Global Issues

Sharing our planet: Issues involving the global commons

1. Global warming 

2. Biodiversity and ecosystem losses 

3. Fisheries depletion 

4. Deforestation 

5. Water deficits 

6. Maritime safety and pollution

Sharing our humanity: Issues requiring a global commitment

7. Massive step-up in the fight against poverty 

8. Peacekeeping, conflict prevention, combating terrorism 

9. Education for all 

10. Global infectious diseases 

11. Digital Divide 

12. Natural disaster prevention and mitigation

Sharing our rulebook: Issues needing a global regulatory approach

13. Reinventing taxation for the 21st century 

14. Biotechnology rules 

15. Global financial architecture 

16. Illegal drugs 

17. Trade, investment, and competition rules 

18. Intellectual property rights 

19. E-commerce rules 

20. International labor and migration rules

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